About Us

Kangarli and Partners Law Office

Kangarli and Partners Law Office is one of Law Offices established with the
directly support of the Bar Association of The Republic of Azerbaijan. Law Office
was established by group of the young advocates who are open-minded, open to
innovations and believe in the rule of law during this period, when advocacy was
bloomed as an institution.



We are aware of the difficulties of Azerbaijani law and judicial system. From this
point of view, our recommendations are based on personally, strategic and to
predict for the next step.
We believe that there is not any rival in the combination of quality and value in
Azerbaijan. Our advocates’ efforts and their years of experiences are accumlated in
our legal services delivered in time, qualitative and clear. In this regard (From this
point of view) we gain profits from the value which is added with our efforts. We
always approach the works with the faith and excitement of being a part of justice
that will win a victory.
Victories that our clients will get at the end and restoration of the lost rights are our
first priority. Our business relationships based on a constant and mutual trust with
our clients are the gains we have earned and valued during our activity.

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