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Corporate Management

  • State registration of companies;

  • Preparation of draft amendments to the Company's charter, state registration of amendments;

  • state registration of companies reorganization (merger, joining, division, separation, transformation);

  • State registration of cancellation of companies;

  • State registration of branches and representative offices of foreign companies

  • Preparation of the model of internal management structure of the company, preparation of the statutes of the management bodies;

  • Organization and state registration of shares issue in joint-stock companies;

  • Conducting audit on corporate governance issues and providing relevant feedback (verification of the company's activities, including the activities of the management board, in accordance with its charter and internal regulations; advising in this field);

  • State registration of companies' trademarks.

Human Resources

  • Preparation of employment contracts, hiring, dismissal, vacation, business trips and other orders, filling out labor books, keeping records of labor contracts, orders and labor books and etc.);

  •  Providing legal assistance for employment of foreigners in Azerbaijan, including providing advice, issuing necessary documents to state authorities, obtaining individual permits, clearance of foreign nationals in a secondment agreement;

  • Conducting audit of personnel work and making appropriate comments;

  • Preparation of documents required by labor legislation (accounting of labor contracts, preparation of exemplary forms of orders, labor book accounting journals, preparation of technical safety rules and instructions and etc.).

Tax Issues

  • investigation of tax risks that may arise during the operations of companies, providing relevant advice on taxation minimization;

  • Consulting companies on tax audits;

  • Investigating tax liabilities that may arise in connection with the activities of foreign investors (companies) in Azerbaijan and providing advice on taxation minimization in this area.

  • Appealing the judgments of the tax authorities in the courts, appealing to the court for immediate cessation of the execution of decisions and orders, and providing professional lawyers to represent them in all court instances.


  • Providing advice to the insurers on compliance with the legislation on corporate governance issues, preparation of documents and etc.;

  • Providing legal advice on preparation of insurance policies in accordance with the legislation, preparation of insurance policies;

  •  Providing legal advice in the preparation of insurance products;

  • Preparation of internal documents required by insurance legislation (Preparation of the policies of Management Board, the Board of Directors, Investigation Commission and Internal Audit Regulations, Legal Framework of the Insurer's Investment and Reinsurance Operations and etc.);

  • Providing advisory services related to insurance events;

  •  Preparation of appeals to the relevant authority for receiving or renewing the license of the insurer;

  • Registration of insurance agencies;

  • Registration of insurance portfolio transfer from one insurer to another insurer;


  • Providing consultations on harmonization of legislation with corporate governance issues in banks, preparation of documents and etc.

  • Preparation of internal documents required by bank legislation (Preparation of regulations on the Board of Directors, , the Audit Committee and etc.);

Contract Law

  • Preparation of all types of contracts;

  • Drafting amendments to the agreements 

  • Conducting legal examination of contracts and issuing relevant opinions;

  • Preparation of tender rules for holding tenders in companies;

  • Legal clearance of the tender;

  • Organizing notarial certification and registration of state-owned institutions if necessary.

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